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My Philosophy

 I provide natural therapies that help restore health and vitality, enhance aliveness, and promote a genuine sense of wellbeing to give you greater strength and resilience for dealing with life's  challenges.


Natural Healing

 Many modalities: Massage therapy, Bioenergetics, Craniosacral therapy, Bowen therapy and Orthopedic massage. Lymphatic Drainage, Rife, Colonics and Far Infrared saunas are available for gentle detoxification.


My Promise

I will provide you with personable and professional service. I am happy to provide you with any service that is appropriate for you. I have 33 years experience and a background in bodywork, massage and colonics.

Our Services


Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy for pain relief, such as headaches, sports injuries, neck and back pain, and for deep relaxation. I use a variety of powerful and effective techniques: Integrated Manual Therapy, Orthopedic Massage , Neuromuscular, Deep tissue, Bowen, Lymphatic drainage, Myofascial, and Craniosacral therapy.   Biopulser, Massage Cupping and Hydrocollator heat packs are available to enhance your healing experience.  



A colonic consists of a gentle process of internal cleansing by flushing the colon with warm filtered water, somewhat similar to an enema, except with the capacity to deliver a continuous flow of fresh water and an outlet which carries the waste away neatly. Colonics help relieve constipation and aid in general detoxification. Regular colonics keep the colon clear of excess build up and can restore normal bowel function. Get relief now from bloating and constipation. Call today!

BioEnergetiX scan


 Neshealth Bioenergetics is a remarkable technology that can identify energetic abnormalities in the body's Biofield which is known to govern the functioning of the physical body.  Energetically imprinted remedies are prescribed by the NesHealth software, which remove energetic blockages rebalance and entrain the biofield back to it's ideal settings. Healing is a result of correcting the energetic field, resulting in relief from  the symptoms that were caused by the imbalance.

Additional Services:


Ear candling

Ear candling or coning removes excess ear wax from the ear canal. This process can help restore better balance and improve acuity of hearing.


Infrared Sauna Session

Experience the deep penetrating heat and gentle detoxification with a far infrared wavelength sauna session. Infrared Saunas are incredibly relaxing and wonderful to reduce inflammation and stiffness. The infrared rays penetrate the body up to 4 inches deep and allow the body to release toxins easily and comfortably with the sweat that is produced.


Triliminal Sessions

Change your mInd and you can change your life. This new brainwave technology designed by Morry Zelcovitch is one of the most efficient ways to reprogram the subconscious mind.  The recordings of specifically worded affirmations which are acceptable to the different hemispheres of the brain are combined with special brain wave sounds which increases our receptivity to the suggestions, helping change the underlying negative subconscious beliefs which limit your life.

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