Massage Therapy in for pain and relaxation

Massage Therapy


 Massage therapy is some of the best medicine your money can buy! Massage is helpful to lower stress levels, helps relax and rejuvenate the body and allows us to rest our mind. Massage helps us be more resilient and prepares the body for activity by enhancing circulation and keeping muscles supple and healthy, ready to perform optimally and helps prevent us from getting injuries. 

Structural Integration


Pain is caused by an imbalance in structure and this can be caused by many things. A lack of activity or exercise, activity of a repetitive nature, injuries and surgical scars can cause imbalances in our bodies which impair our ability to move in our full range of motion. Structural Integration uses targeted bodywork to restore balance and full range of movement.

Bowen Therapy


Bowen therapy is a remarkable and powerful technique. I've heard it aptly called the homeopathy of Rolfing. Intricate algorithms of precise subtle movements are delivered with a light and gentle touch have a powerful effect on the body ,releasing long held tension patterns and deep seated stress from the nervous system, and has the effect of balancing the physical structure. 

Craniosacral Therapy


 Craniosacral therapy releases and removes restrictions in the fascial layer of tissue surrounding the brain and spinal cord. This process allows for the restoration of the free flow of craniosacral fluid which bathes and nourishes the central nervous system tissues. Free flow of craniosacral fluid is necessary for the  optimal functioning of the nervous system. The therapy is extremely relaxing, gentle and powerfully beneficial. 

Lymph Drainage


Enhancing the Internal cleansing of our inner ocean, lymph drainage encourages the exchange of interstitial fluids which bathes the cells. When we cleanse the interstitial fluid by enhancing lymph flow, it is essentially like taking out the cellular trash, the metabolic waste that accumulates around the cells.  We can give the cells fresh nutrients and a boost of oxygen by helping increase the rate of fluid exchange. An effect of reversing aging is achieved by keeping the internal environment of the cells clean and fresh enhancing vitality at a cellular level.  Call now for appointments in Asheville !

Relaxation Massage


We all need to let go of tension, relax and breathe. Massage is so simple and yet so profoundly and wonderfully healing and rejuvenating. It's truly like the best medicine for our body and yet so enjoyable! We really shouldn't need and excuse to get a massage. It may come as a surprise, but our body requires maintenance just like any equipment or vehicle does.  Don't wait to take care of yourself, make massage therapy your healthy habit.

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