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Colon hydrotherapy is a safe, gentle and effective procedure which has been used for decades to cleanse the colon of built up waste, relieve symptoms of constipation and help restore ideal colon function. Better bowel function can often be restored through the regular use of colonics accompanied by proper eating habits, consumption of sufficient amounts of water, regular exercise and the right nutritional supplements.  

How It's done

We use the gentle gravity method developed by Dr. Woods, the Father of colon hydrotherapy. Dr. Woods pioneered the field of colon hydrotherapy and his time tested method is still considered to be the most beneficial, natural and gentlest method of hydrotherapy, and which is prefered worldwide.. 

We start by having you fill out a health history. We will briefly discuss your goals for your health and any pertinent health issues before beginning the colonic. Recommendations regarding lifestyle and eating habits may be made depending upon the need.  You will then go into the bathroom and be allowed to change into a hospital gown. Then you will start by reclining comfortably on a softly padded and heated table. The speculum will be inserted.  We use only freshly filtered water and disposable specula for the colonics.  The speculum allows for the introduction of warm, body temperature water into the colon, as is done with an enema. A larger waste line is also connected to the speculum which carries away the excess water and fecal waste. We will by start alternately introducing water slowly and gently, and then releasing the water and waste as we work our way around the descending, transverse and ascending sections of the colon. Your abdomen will be gently massaged at times during the colonic to help relax the muscles, move gas pockets and gently stimulate peristalsis, which helps the colon to empty. The sensations although unfamiliar are not usually uncomfortable. The entire procedure usually lasts forty five minutes to an hour for a healthy colon.

When the colonic is complete, you will return to the restroom and use the toilet  to release any remaining waste. When you are finished you will change back into your clothing. We will then go over any recommendations based on my observations and you will have the opportunity to purchase supplements such as fiber and probiotics if they are necessary. You will be attended by Christine Williams who has been a colon therapist for 31 years in Asheville, NC.  Please see our reviews section for impressions and the experience of other customers we have served.

Colonic FAQs

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Colonics in Asheville

Colonic Testimonials

Michele Torino Hower reviewed Health & Wellness Naturally5 star January 21, 2017 · Having used colonics to assist in cleansing over the past 10 years, I found Christine to be knowledgeable and professional, caring and calm. Her hands seemed to know just where to massage on my belly to help everything move as it needed. The bed was warm and the room was clean. Because the colonic was good and complete - and because I felt at ease with Christine, I plan to see her again when my gut needs assistance. 

Rich Pettus reviewed Health & Wellness Naturally5 star  December 29, 2016 · first time using colonics and I was a little apprehensive going in. She was very professional and quickly eliminated any concerns I had. The place is maintained very clean and is conveniently located. She was so very helpful with my problems I was having after a slowed down system from an antibiotic dosage. I would highly recommend her if you are considering this service, and I will use it again. She told me she had been doing this for 30 years, and it shows. 

Kimberly Brittain Wilson  recommends Health & Wellness Naturally5 star- October 20 · Excellent hydrotherapy session.. if you have gut issues Christine is great. Hydrotherapy has done more to benefit me in 3 months than almost 2 years of seeing doctors, gastroenterologist, tests etc. I feel amazing and have dropped about 15 pounds just from the sessions (2) alone. 

Joy Putnam reviewed Health & Wellness Naturally5 star  January 31, 2017 · Chris is extremely knowledgeable and experienced. She has a gentle approach for colonics, and I highly recommend her

Alaysia Black Hackett reviewed Health & Wellness Naturally4 star  February 20, 2017 · Christine was very nice. The location convenient and well kept. She did not restrict herself to time, but moved with care. Will visit again.
Ofri Gilan reviewed Health & Wellness Naturally5 star  March 13 · The place is clean and Christine is very professional. I recommend it
Meagen Anne reviewed Health & Wellness Naturally5 star March 9, 2017 · Very professional and clean. I was curious how someone would handle being sterile with colonics in their home, but Christine was amazing and the room was clean and her set up was done well. Thanks for your assistance in my healing. I will be back soon! 

Jackie Cole reviewed Health & Wellness Naturally5 star  February 26 · Knowing a colonic would help my 93 yr young mother get rid of quite a bit of mucus after she had a stomach virus and help a sluggish colon, I called with 1 hrs notice and Christine was more than willing to fit us in. Christine was very accommodating and gave my mother a very thorough colonic. I would highly recommend her! 


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