Ancie L.  Asheville, NC

I have had massages from Christine Williams for a number of years and I am not only delighted with her as a person, but her technique which is superlative to loosen tight muscles and relax me completely. She creates such a peaceful, wonderful atmosphere and is so sensitive to my needs. She seems to know just where I need to be worked on and she gets the pressure just right. I don’t know what I would do without her! I have had lots of massages over the years and she is just the best!

Thomas B.  12/19/2016

For years  I ran and worked out at the gym 4 or 5 days a week. I was always sore and tired. The stress from work kept me worried and anxious. Then someone recommended I try Massage therapy from Health and Wellness Naturally. That was several years ago. What a change! Every week my body and spirit are transformed. The aches and troubles melt away and I leave a happy man. I don’t what techniques she uses, but I call it magic.

Ambra L. 12/13/2016

Christine has been so good to me. She is sweet and gentle and really puts my mind at ease while I’m having my colonic done. She also makes me laugh while, at the same time, teaching me a lot about what’s going on with my body. She’s very knowledgeable and totally professional. Her home office is very clean and totally well set up. It’s the comfort of being in a home and the session room is clean, professional, sterile and comfortable.

Omileye A. 10/6/2016

Christine has been an amazing colonic therapist. She has been very intuitive, patient and doesn’t rush the process. She has helped me to slowly get back onto my long road to recovery.

Marcus N.Jacksonville, FL   7/21/2016

I had a colonic done by Christine this morning and it was easily the best one i have ever had. She was professional, knowledgeable, thorough and very polite. Her equipment and training was top notch, with over 25 years of experience. I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking to improve their overall health. Her one on one care made the experience far more intimate and enjoyable than going to a larger colonics center.  I didn’t have time to utilize any of her other treatments because I was limited on time while on vacation.  If I was an Asheville resident she would be one of my primary natural health providers…….hands down!

Kelly R. Swannanoa, NC   3/31/2016

Christine is a terrific therapeutic massage therapist. My husband and I have had incredible results from just a couple of sessions. She has an amazing ability to get to the “root” cause of our issues resulting in immediate pain relief and increased range of motion. We plan to continue working with Christine and would highly recommend her to anyone searching for a more natural way to better health and mobility.

Hann K. 3/29/2016

Christine is a gifted massage therapist. I think one of the best in town. She has years of experience which is very apparent from her knowledge of physiology and comfort working with the body. As well, she is very skillful energetically.

It’s always a pleasure to see her, and I highly recommend her to anyone I know looking for a massage.

John P. Robbinsville, NC  3/7/2016

I have been utilizing Christine for my health and wellness needs for over 3 years.  She provides amazing insights to finding and solving health issues through massage, colonics and
and herbs.  I am a huge fan and she has helped me optimize my health status.  I highly recommend trying her services and seeing for your self.  Don’t expect one visit to make you healthy but given time and determination you can improve your life immensely.

Max H, Asheville, NC

I have been a regular client of Christine’s through Health & Wellness Naturally for a time extending beyond a decade I have found Christine to be extremely knowledgeable when she has needed to address my periodic injuries as well as for my general well being. The massages are enjoyable and relaxing. I very much appreciate her professionalism and easy manner.

Marion S.

I had a head injury from a car accident which resulted in constant neck and back pain and headaches.  The chiropractor I had been seeing told me he didn’t think I would ever be completely free of the headaches. I found Christine when I moved here from Key West and she worked on me. In a couple of sessions the headaches were gone. She also helped me get rid of the neck and back pain from the whiplash, and she has helped me to decompress and relax during a particularly stressful period in my life. She does a wonderful job and has a very healing touch.

John W. Asheville,NC

I had chronic back pain  and sciatica for over ten years and since I’m a therapist I sit quite a lot. I found this distracting as well as uncomfortable. My wife had been a client of Christine’s for many years and she convinced me to give her a try. I asked her to use the Bowen technique since I’m Australian, and in one session my pain was gone. I even had to drive several hours afterwards and then sit on a hard metal chair for the entire weekend seminar, and there was no more pain. Remarkable!

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  Move Colonics 13 weeks ago

Great experience! I love meeting other colon hydrotherapists and geeking out on all things health. Christine is knowledgeable, friendly, and fun to conversate with. Plus, who doesn’t need a colonic whilst on vacation?! Location has great energy and Christine is very professional. Thank you!

conrado bokoles 30 weeks ago

Christine helped was experiencing! Excellent massage in a very relaxed environment. She also gave me some very good suggestions for strengthening and stretching those muscles that were involved. Thanks Christine!

Courtney Crouse 31 weeks ago

I am so happy to have found Christine! She is such an important part of my healing plan. I never thought I would enjoy a colonic, but I do enjoy chatting with Christine (she is very knowledgeable about so many areas of natural healing) and I feel great afterwards! I have also gotten lymphatic massage with her, and she has magic hands! Highly recommend!

Lindsey 34 weeks ago

Very kind and knowledgeable

drlouandpam 36 weeks ago

In February 2018, my wife was suffering from acute IBS-C. We were most fortunate to be referred to Christine Williams for colon hydrotherapy. Christine made time in her busy schedule to accommodate my wife that same day. We have found Christine to be professional, competent, and compassionate. I would consider Christine Williams to be one of the most knowledgeable alternative practitioners I've had the pleasure of meeting... She Gets My Highest Recommendation...What A Blessing !!!

Melina Bridges 49 weeks ago

Christine is a wise and wonderful spirit whose knowledge and expertise in the area of health and wellbeing quickly helped to bring me back into balance. At first the idea of colon hydrotherapy made me feel a little apprehensive, but Christine immediately put me at ease and the process itself was quite simple. After two sessions, with all the toxins released from my body, I feel so much better. I also found Christine to be very helpful in affirming all the positive things I have been doing to achieve optimum health, as well as offering helpful suggestions as to what I might add to my regimen. I now understand better what my body needs to stay in balance and periodic colon hydrotherapy will be on my list. Christine offers a top notch service! I highly recommend!

Andrea Dedman Nov 7, 2017

Christine is knowledgeable, professional, and sweet. It is clear that her knowledge is based in a foundation of passion and excitement of understanding the body, science, and nature, and how she can use it for healing. In her treatments, she helped me work through some discomfort with compassion and without judgement. I will continue to use her for regular treatments.

Kevin Choi Sep 9, 2017

Came in with a lot of lower back pain, I left feeling pain free. Thank you!

Keith Rice Aug 29, 2017

Christine is great. She has been very helpful. I had longstanding constipation issues as a result of being a truck driver for 37 yrs and these problems are essentially solved and I've feel great and I've lost 6 lbs in three weeks. I can't say how how happy I am.

Steve Towe Jul 13, 2017

Christine is a dedicated health care professional, highly trained in most of the most productive massage techniques. She is kind, sensitive, and generous. She is the only person I've ever met that attended a Tom Brown seminar on tracking and spiritual growth. Tom is a legend among trackers--he is without a doubt the best trained and most proficient survivalist/tracker in the world--outside the world of Aborigines in Australia. In a very real way, tracking is an incredible asset to the health care professional--they have to "feel" their clients needs, and adjust on the fly to those changing tracks. She does so seemlessly. She has helped my wife with a severe ataxia, neuropathy issue. I highly recommend her.

Jenn Fieldman Sep 13, 2014

I have been seeing Christine Williams since January to heal a life long health issue that MD's have never been able to/taken the time to heal. She has been caring, patient, and positive. I am feeling a sense of freedom for the first time in my life and I am grateful for her care. Further, I was feeling some muscular pain that kept me from standing up straight. She gave me a great assessment before working on me. I left with the ability to stand straight and walk with far less pain after that one session. I am grateful for her care!

Jamie Johnson Apr 17, 2016

I have used Christine now for many years and she is the best. She can do it all, she understands how the body works and she is quick to focus on areas of need! Being that I am in full time sports I am constantly in need of muscle repair and or treatment for the stress I put my body through! Thanks Christine for using your skills to help me and so many others, you're wonderful! I'll see you soon !! Crossfire sports ministry! Jamie <><

ironhorsenc1 Mar 8, 2016

Christine provides complete natural health care. She has helped me immensely. Very knowledgeable about health and wellness.

Carole Canosa Jun 17, 2016

The most wonderful massage ever. My sister & I feel fabulous. We!d recommend Christina to anyone & great ambience for a massage.


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Jackie Cole reviewed Health & Wellness Naturally5 star

February 26 · Knowing a colonic would help my 93 yr young mother get rid of quite a bit of mucus after she had a stomach virus and help a sluggish colon, I called with 1 hrs notice and Christine was more than willing to fit us in. Christine was very accommodating and gave my mother a very thorough colonic. I would highly recommend her!

August 8 · Christine is very knowledgeable and caring. She considers my problem areas and focuses on my needs while also advising me regarding what I can do at home to improve my discomfort. She even calls to check on me! In just two sessions, I am standing straighter, my hands have stopped cramping, and my pain is significantly reduced. I wish I had found her months ago!

December 29, 2016 · first time using colonics and I was a little apprehensive going in. She was very professional and quickly eliminated any concerns I had. The place is maintained very clean and is conveniently located. She was so very helpful with my problems I was having after a slowed down system from an antibiotic dosage. I would highly recommend her if you are considering this service, and I will use it again. She told me she had been doing this for 30 years, and it shows.

October 20 · Excellent hydrotherapy session.. if you have gut issues Christine is great. Hydrotherapy has done more to benefit me in 3 months than almost 2 years of seeing doctors, gastroenterologist, tests etc. I feel amazing and have dropped about 15 pounds just from the sessions (2) alone.

May 31, 2017 · I have enjoyed using Christine very much. Her massage is as through as possible and she is informed and is very interested in the health and well being of her clients. Amazing level of follow up demonstrates a ton of sincerity and she is very generous with her time. I easily recommend her. 

Michele Torino Hower reviewed Health & Wellness Naturally5 star

January 21, 2017 · Having used colonics to assist in cleansing over the past 10 years, I found Christine to be knowledgeable and professional, caring and calm. Her hands seemed to know just where to massage on my belly to help everything move as it needed. The bed was warm and the room was clean. Because the colonic was good - intense and complete - and because I felt at ease with Christine, I plan to see her again when my gut needs assistance.

Ofri Gilan reviewed Health & Wellness Naturally5 star  March 13 · The place is clean and Christine is very professional. I recommend it. 

Alaysia Black Hackett reviewed Health & Wellness Naturally4 star   February 20, 2017 · Christine was very nice. The location convenient and well kept. She did not restrict herself to time, but moved with care. Will visit again. 

Joy Putnam reviewed Health & Wellness Naturally5 star   January 31, 2017 · Chris is extremely knowledgeable and experienced. She has a gentle approach for colonics, and I highly recommend her. 

Nat Dykes reviewed Health & Wellness Naturally5 star  July 5, 2017 · It was awesome! I couldn't help but pay for the full hour and a half.

Rachel Smith reviewed Health & Wellness Naturally5 star February 22 ·  

Meagen Anne reviewed Health & Wellness Naturally5 star  March 9, 2017 · Very professional and clean. I was curious how someone would handle being sterile with colonics in their home, but Christine was amazing and the room was clean and her set up was done well. Thanks for your assistance in my healing. I will be back soon!  

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